Three Secrets

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive;

    • I provide Executive Level Coaching to seasoned and newly appointed managers.

This helps you to think through your concerns and solutions from the perspective of the executive level.

    • Provide guidance around the use of Emotional Intelligence Assessment tools to help you to get or stay in touch with the human side of business.

I help you discover the gaps in your development that could derail your progress in your current situation.

    • I use of the Kolbe Assessment, as a tool for personal development in place.

I help you to discover and further develop your natural strengths.

    • I help you to develop Your Plan of Action.

Our time together will leave you with a perfectly crafted plan of action.

    • One Page Business Plan Development.

Everyone needs a roadmap; a blueprint to guide progress. We will both find clarity, focus, alignment and accountability in your plan development.

Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

As your coach/ consultant, if we agree that we should work together, beyond the 15 minute complimentary call, we will work together in some, if not all of these areas:

Coaching for Skills

The focus of the session is on a current project or task. A skill can be a method, strategy, or behavior that would correspond with success on a particular project. The timeframe for coaching for skills is often relatively brief: one session, one week, one month or six months.

Coaching For Performance

Coaching for performance helps people improve in the current context of their career or personal life. What areas of your specific performance objectives are you looking to improve?

Coaching for Development

Coaching for development focuses on where the client wants to go in the future. This type of coaching is often used to help clients develop competencies that will facilitate a promotion or new career opportunities. Coaching for development may last nine months or more. FIRO-B and MBTI II are good tools to use for this type of coaching, as well as multi-rater 360 tools like the LPI.

But…Don't take my word for it.

Listen to what our clients and customers say.

“I have had the fortunate pleasure of working with Miguel to train our professional sales team. Miguel has an uncanny ability to identify opportunities for development. Once identified, he takes action.
Over the years I have worked with several of Miguels executive trained sales professionals. In every case, Miguel has impacted their lives for the better. In most cases it has been his strategic coaching techniques, in addition to his approach to leadership development that has a lasting effect on performance and character. Our sales force has become significantly more effective and profitable as a direct result of partnering with Miguel.

I would strongly recommend Miguel to organizations that feel their leadership team and/or sales professionals have an opportunity for improvement.

Thank you Miguel!”

March 4, 2011
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
Matthew McGeary

“I met Miguel 4 years ago and was immediately impressed with his level of professionalism. Miguel's integrity and savvy business skills make him a sought after coach. He is a leader with outstanding communication, management and sales skills. This is a man you want to do business with or have help you to take your business to the next level.” January 18, 2011

Melonie Dodaro
President and CEO
MindBody FX Weight Management Company

“I am fortunate to count Miguel de Jesus as a mentor and role model. I have found that the sincerity of interest in my development as a manager, teacher, and human being to be one of the highlights of my Paychex experience. There were days I thought he must have had a camera watching me, he would call and know exactly what I needed to hear. I don't know how many times he said...People/ Programs/ Processes.... or how many different ways he could drive home an important idea. Miguel demanded you to participate in your own development. A fantastic speaker and person!” January 6, 2009

Andy Glavanovits
District Sales Manager

“Miguel is at the TOP of my list of any manager I have ever reported to. This covers many years!!! His leadership and motivational skills are extraordinary. Miguel is a person you gravitate towards and could listen to for hours. Even though I don't report to Miguel currently we still talk much and I still listen to his words of advice. In my opinion Miguel would have been a great CEO of Paychex.” November 16, 2008

Joseph Blinn
District Sales Manager

“I am blessed and thankful to have been under Miguel's leadership. He made a difference on my professional as well as personal life. I wouldn't have the responsibilities that I do today without his development. He is one of the smartest individuals that I know today. He challenged me daily to become a great leader through his programs, inspection and accountability. He inspired me to achieve great success. If you want to be pushed and challenged to peak performance, I highly recommend Miguel's innovative leadership and development.” August 19, 2008

Michael Fong
District Sales Manager

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the coaching /consulting field. I want to give you 3 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution or engagement you obtain:

  • The candidate should have a proven Track record of success in developing people and achieving objectives
  • Massive amounts of experience building teams and organizations. Equally as important, if you are seeking sales performance development; a sales professional/expert in crafting effective sales scripts for both the transactional and complex sales environments
  • Have extraordinary amounts of expertise, resources, and external reach to qualified experts in almost any field of personal and business development

You get at least 5 times your money's worth!

A good to great coach/consultant can range in terms of investment from $350 to $1000 per hour to $20k to 45k per month (think Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, et. al.)

While I do not consider myself a celebrity type coach/consultant, my previous mentee's, associates and protégés put me at the top of their lists, at a fraction of the investment dollars of the others. Because I have developed some time availability over the next 90 - 120 days, I am opening my limited practice to a few well qualified and ready to grow candidates.

In summary, here's what you get:

I invite you to register first for a complimentary 20 minute exploratory discussion to determine the type of coaching you require, and to determine your suitability for my services. Your only risk is 20 minutes of your time. Go to the address below to register your availability. I will then get back with you with confirmation of our appointment.

So...what hurdle are you trying to overcome? How would it feel when you had a breakthrough? And how may I help you now?

By registering for my complimentary call, we'll go over 3 myths my competitors don't want you to understand. Plus, we'll go over 1 new breakthrough that is going to totally change things in the upcoming year. If you make a decision without understanding this single new factor, you could be making a very costly mistake.

To your success,
Miguel A. de Jesus