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How to Make Progress Toward Your Goals

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So, what happens to an inner city youth on the road to self discovery and self development. How did he get "From the Projects to the Boardroom?" Read Miguel de Jesus’ story. The journey, the triumphs, the discoveries. Find out on page 185: #sowhatdoyoudo.

Hear Miguel de Jesus story from the projects to the boardroom Podcast with @JoelComm So What Do You Do?‏

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Discover the 3 Secrets... to
getting closer to your Goals,
Dreams and Aspirations

Welcome. You have arrived at the right place,

If you'd like to have a breakthrough, to get hired by your ideal and best target company, be recognized for your contributions and get the job of your dreams; and achieve your goals, faster, better, with greater focus, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why

Many people I work with feel neglected, over-looked, yet over ripe for their next opportunity. I work with CEO's, leadership teams, and individuals to help them achieve everything they want form their business, job and personal lives.

As a result of my skills and experiences of running and growing the sales forces of two Fortune 500 companies, I am uniquely qualified and skilled to help you on your path to accomplishing your vision, mission and goals.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons I can back up what we claim.

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one:
I have lead & supported the efforts of a team of skilled professionals throughout the organization either as a team member, or the functional head of a geographic area, such as the Area VP position, in which I was responsible for 50% of the US marketplace. I was responsible for the growth and delivery of revenue and profits through the execution of specific strategies and programs. Upon my retirement company revenue was $1.9 billion, from about $50 million in 1989. Recruitment, hiring, and retention of the right people, were important metrics that helped us to perform effectively. The developmental growth of sales consultants/ sales leaders within the organization were also paramount to on-going growth and achievement, and this was a primary mission/ objective of my tenure.

Reason two:
My leadership and results orientation were recognized and appreciated by many in the organization, and it was a very rewarding and satisfying experience in my continuing personal growth and development.

Reason three:
Because of the various certifications that I hold, Certified Professional Coach (CPC), OnePageBusinessPlan Consultant, DISC and Kolbe certified consultant; I bring many tools and capabilities to the dialogue, allowing me to introduce the right tools, at the right time, for the right set of circumstances.

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“I am fortunate to count Miguel de Jesus as a mentor and role model. I have found that the sincerity of interest in my development as a manager, teacher, and human being to be one of the highlights of my Paychex experience."

Andy Glavanovits , District Sales Manager , Paychex
reported to Miguel at Paychex, San Diego

"These are just a few characteristics I would use in describing him. I have known Miguel for close to 2 decades and have the utmost respect for him. As my Mentor for many years, I learned to ask myself when posed with a difficult decision, “What would Miguel Do”? (WWMD) The answer always came readily. It was not always the easiest answer but it was always the right thing to do."

Wendy Mears-Kaveney , Sales & Management , Paychex
worked indirectly for Miguel at Paychex, San Diego

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