“I am fortunate to count Miguel de Jesus as a mentor and role model. I have found that the sincerity of interest in my development as a manager, teacher, and human being to be one of the highlights of my Paychex experience. There were days I thought he must have had a camera watching me, he would call and know exactly what I needed to hear. I don't know how many times he said...People/ Programs/ Processes.... or how many different ways he could drive home an important idea. Miguel demanded you to participate in your own development. A fantastic speaker and person!”

Andy Glavanovits , District Sales Manager , Paychex
reported to Miguel at Paychex

“Miguel is a rare business person. When discipline, integrity, loyal, honesty, respect, knowledge and wisdom are combined, the results are Miguel de Jesus. These are just a few characteristics I would use in describing him. I have known Miguel for close to 2 decades and have the utmost respect for him. As my Mentor for many years, I learned to ask myself when posed with a difficult decision, “What would Miguel Do”? (WWMD) The answer always came readily. It was not always the easiest answer but it was always the right thing to do. He is a mind expanding mentor and a highly inspiring coach, always giving me a list or the actual books to read. I admire Miguel’s thirst for knowledge, continuous education endeavors and personal growth seminars that he attends. If the saying is true,” when you stop learning you die” then Miguel will live forever! When around Miguel, I am a sponge… soaking up every pearl of wisdom he speaks. His approach is so unique that the people that can’t handle the truth may shy away from Miguel’s sage counsel. When engaged in a dialog with Miguel, that is exactly what you get, candor! He shoots straight and will lead you down the path to help you find, recognize and solve your errors. As a teacher he is Brilliant. If you are looking to expand you current skills, grow your business or consult with an expert…Miguel is that rare find. Miguel has made a huge impact in my life and has taught me so much that I owe a great deal, of who I am today as a manager, to him. Miguel has impacted a great many lives and was a huge contributor to the success of Paychex, as a whole. Miguel, thank you for being exactly who you are…..AMAZING! I greatly advocate Miguel.”

Wendy Mears-Kaveney , Sales & Management , Paychex
worked indirectly for Miguel at Paychex

“When Miguel came to PAYCHEX in 1989 he had an immediate and far reaching impact on the organization across disciplines. His suggestions and ideas were so profound that in national management meetings when Miguel spoke everyone went quite and listen intently. He had such a clear and global perspective of PAYCHEX, its current position and the direction for the future. His impact on PAYCHEX is deeply imbedded in many business practices currently in use today. What fascinated me about Miguel was he never wanted or took credit for any of it. When asked he would just laugh and say that is not what is important. It would be laborious and incomplete to account for all the initiatives that were driven by Miguel at PAYCHEX. From Sales strategies, reporting, training, to employee recognition and financial investment, to infrastructure, IT, technology, business practices, to product development and market analysis. Miguel had the future of PAYCHEX in his frontal lobe all the time. He was always a top performing leader, who attracted, developed, retained and promoted many of the best of the best at PAYCHEX. When Miguel took over the leadership role of the western sales organization in 1989, it was underperforming and had 8 brand new managers out of 13. I was one of the new ones. At that time there was no formal training for new managers at PAYCHEX. Miguel mentored, trained and guided us to a company wide leadership position, which has continued to this day. Throughout my career Miguel taught me how to think like a manager. In every situation, Miguel helped me come up with the answer and taught me in the most valuable way I have ever been educated. His style of instruction ensured conscious competence. What I learned about management from Miguel is everything. Even during stretches in my career when I did not report directly to Miguel he continued to coach and counsel me. There were many other managers across the country that were envious of his time and sought him out. What I admire most about Miguel is his thirst for knowledge and his laugh. Miguel knew instinctively how to soften up a tense situation and put you at ease. He has a very contagious laugh. Everyone at PAYCHEX knew if you got into a conversation with Miguel you were going to get a reading list, (often an actual copy of the book), and a cheery disposition. Miguel was absolutely the most significant business associate in my life. I consider him a close personal friend and have continued our friendship since his retirement from PAYCHEX. It was FUN working for Miguel.”

Brian FitzMaurice , District Sales Manager , PAYCHEX
reported to Miguel at Paychex

“Miguel is at the TOP of my list of any manager I have ever reported to. This covers many years!!! His leadership and motivational skills are extraordinary. Miguel is a person you gravitate towards and could listen to for hours. Even though I don't report to Miguel currently we still talk much and I still listen to his words of advice. In my opinion Miguel would have been a great CEO of Paychex.” November 16, 2008
Joseph Blinn , District Sales Manager , Paychex
reported to Miguel at Paychex

“I would recommend Miguel and his coaching to anyone whom is looking to change their lives. Miguel has taught me to look at all the objectives from a different standpoint and to benefit with positive results. I have been working with Miguel since January 2007. He is a superb coach and mentor. Miguel offers a high stand of excellence and professionalism. Miguel has brought a positive outlook to me and my company.”

Top qualities: Personable , High Integrity , Creative

Lauri Reemer
hired Miguel as a Career Coach

“Miguel's business and management knowledge is incredible! When you combine this knowledge with his experience and integrity, you have an extremely competent leader who actually cares about the people he works with. Most anyone who has had the fortunate opportunity to work with Miguel, will talk of his work ethic, his integrity, his credibility and his continuous effort to improve himself and those around him. But the most important thing they will tell you about, is the difference Miguel has made in their lives. If you are a business owner/CEO or entrepreneur seeking advice on business planning, finances, processes, employee hiring, management, or sales training; talk to Miguel. You too will become a "Raving Fan"! He is the best!”

Mark T. Ealy, CFP, CPA , Certified Financial Planner , Wealth Management Group
worked directly with Miguel at Paychex

“I have had the pleasure of working with Miguel for over a decade. As a young Recruiter he gave me the opportunity to prove myself and earn his business. Later, he brought me into his organization and became a valued Mentor. Miguel exemplifies the true meaning of a “Business Professional”. As a Leader, he only expects from others what he is willing to accomplish himself. He sets clear goals and standards, and paves the way for success. Plan your work and work your plan and you will earn his respect. Integrity rules the decisions he makes, and he stands behind principles that transcend business and life. To know Miguel is to understand that he is a great teacher and an even better student. As the saying goes, it is lonely on the extra mile; however, that’s only true if you’ve never met Miguel de Jesus!” July 1, 2008

Jennifer Peinert , Sales Recruiting Manager , Paychex
worked indirectly for Miguel at Paychex

“I had the privilege and the honor of working for Miguel for several years. Time spent with Miguel is the equivalent of getting a real world MBA education. The principles of leadership and business he taught me will stay with me through out my career. Miguel’s track record of success speaks for itself. Miguel created high performing organizations through his leadership, strong business acumen, work ethic, integrity and passion. He demanded the best from himself and those around him. He constantly looked for new ways to improve himself and recommended others to do the same. Bottom line, Miguel generated results. I am thankful to have worked under Miguel’s leadership and have Miguel as a mentor today.”

Teh Chen , District Sales Manager , Paychex Inc.
reported to Miguel at Paychex

“Miguel de Jesus is one of the most dynamic, creative and inspiring leaders I have ever had the privelage of working with. His methodology is so unique and impactful and most importantly creates the building blocks for long term success by utilizing a companies greatest assets- it's people. I know many of us feel truly fortunate for having spent time with Miguel. Knowing him directly correlated with my professional and personal growth and I wouldn't have been able to reach my goals with out his mentoring. I highly recommend engaging his coaching services to maximize performance as he is a proven commodity!”

Stephanie Kocik , District Sales Manager , Paychex
worked indirectly for Miguel at Paychex

“I worked at Paychex from April 2002 through September 2006 as a Sales Representative in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Miguel A. de Jesus was the Zone Sales Manager for my district in Southern California. Although Miguel did not directly manage my performance as sales representative, he did oversee the performance of my sales manager and provided mentoring to me and members of my sales team. As a mentor, Miguel provided the rookie sales representatives with guidance and valuable lessons based on his professional experience. He also inspired his team of sales representatives and sales managers with the personal stories he shared regarding his life's journey and his success. I have witnessed Miguel as an intelligent leader who is organized and strategic in his decisions. Miguel was a constant within our organization, and even when there were dramatic changes within the sales division, Miguel's presence provided stability for our team. Miguel's leadership played a major role in my professional development. Miguel's management style was to empower his employees and he worked to assist each of us in finding our strengths and improving our weaknesses. Through his leadership and guidance, I was able to advance my career with Paychex from a rookie sales representative with little sales experience to one of the top sales performers on my team. I truly believe that I owe much of my professional success to Miguel's support and dedication. As a sales representative with Paychex, Miguel was a very respected leader and a valuable resource to our sales team. Sincerely, Victoria Chomicz, Former Sales Representative for Paychex, Inc.”

Victoria (Chomicz) Hong , Sales Representative , Paychex
worked indirectly for Miguel at Paychex

“There are people who create an environment of high performance, achievement and success, just because they enter a room. Miguel is one of these individuals. Because he continually stretches and grows himself to new standards of performance he does the same with all people who connect with him. With his leadership, focus, years of successful business, management and sales experience, communication skills and passion he grew the business in his zone(s) to record levels of growth and high performance. Miguel applied the clear focus of vision, strong and effective business practices, and regular feedback to achieve the uncommon. I am lucky to have worked with him in many venues for I became a better, stronger, and more successful professional and leader because of our interaction.”
Bobbie Goheen , Director of Training and Development , Paychex,Inc
worked indirectly for Miguel at Paychex
“Miguel is a fantastic sales leader. He challenged me to improve as a manager and I'm better at my profession because of him. I have the highest respect for his knowledge, business acumen and ethics.”

Tim Naehring , Sales Manager , Paychex
worked indirectly for Miguel at Paychex